Poem 23: National Poetry Month

we wrestle
until cedar lifts
into our lungs
the settled nature
of priesthood

Poem 22: National Poetry Month

What Ought I Have Been?

A hedge tree, slow to push
its green, forgot to fuss
this spring. Was it more for
me—or less—to push out a
poem, there being instinct
to bring to account in pushing
as in birth, you see? In death
what was more glorious than
the trunk that lay as if
against the entire forest
floor, and what hallowed
plate of dainties did I lace
my fingers—along—its outer
ridge alone, my eyes were
let to see—oh, yes, me.

Poem 21: National Poetry Month

You told me sunlight curls around your fingers,
and there is laughter in the sullen draught.

You pulled at febrile strands on your cotton dress
you wore merely because you are tucked up

in the Sistine Chapel ceiling, except in solitary,
without open caverns of tourists below. No one

comes to gawk at your chiseled hands enchanted
by otherworld. And you told me not of shadow—

how it chokes at your palms until they blacken, and
cords squeeze tendrils into writhing worms, how

something must digest the filth. Dusk came
early—it always does—and dawn was lost again.

Poem 20: National Poetry Month

This book giveaway is my Easter poem to you.given_wendellberry

It counts, don’t you think?

In any case, if you would like to be entered in the drawing, leave me a comment before the end of April, and I will randomly select a winner at the beginning of May.

Poem 19: National Poetry Month


Poem 18: National Poetry Month

What is Truth?

Every morning I wake up
in this same low haze
that in its blue says—

    not in so many words—

I won’t be able to go out
today, there won’t be any words
for that.

         I am so resistant to love.

But look!—how grass slips
cool blades between my toes
and dirt is filmy on my fingers.
And hear!—how I have told you

                             these things.

Poem 17, at least: National Poetry Month

Besides this Poem: A Mid-April Apology

I am sorry.
There are others.
I am quiet.
I hold them.


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